I grew up on reruns of The Golden Girls, AbFab, Keeping Up Appearances, The Jeffersons, Mama's Family, The Carol Burnett Show, Laverne & Shirley, I Love Lucy, and Designing Women. I've been addicted to television ever since.

My newer televisual obsessions include: Cougar Town, The Good Wife, Veep, Archer, Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, Mindy Project, Girls, Justified, Miranda, 30 Rock, True Blood, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, AHS, The Office, Supernatural and of course The Real Housewives.

I love female comics, including: Joan Rivers, Bette Midler, Tina Fey, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, etc.

My dream: creating my own series.
Or publishing a book.

I'm fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish. Graduated from Cal, current UCLA student.


I’m having a marathon of The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and I just realized: what’s better than Hawkeye?—Two of them.

Once Upon a Time is surely playing into November sweeps! In a shocking twist, it was revealed that Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) is Rumplestiltskin’s father. As you know, Rumple/Mr.Gold’s son is Baelfire/Neal; he’s Henry’s father. This makes Peter Pan Henry’s great-grandfather. And tonight’s ending—SPOILER ALERT—shows Peter taking his great-grandson’s heart. Talk about father-son issues wrapped as a major plot twist.

I just watched Escape to Witch Mountain, and I’m convinced Kim Richards, for four seasons, has been reenacting scenes from that film on RHOBH. Maybe she thinks they’re all witches and she’s looking for a way out. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands. Oh well, Kim’s still one of my favorites.

Ariel: I don’t understand: Why do we keep doing what he tells us?

Ariel isn’t afraid of your gun and not just because she doesn’t know what it it.

Before The Kim Richards Variety Show RHOBH returns on Monday, I’m having a Netflix fueled marathon of Kim’s films. So far I’ve seen Black Snake Moan in which she plays the low-life mother of Christina Ricci’s troubled nymphomaniac. Although her screen-time is minimal, her performance was stellar. In fact, it left me wondering: why did Ms. Richards quit acting?

Perhaps this season she’ll rebuild herself and that will serve as the catalyst for her comeback. Then she can leave the franchise in order to pursue a legitimate acting career, again. At least I’ll be rooting for her!

We’ve seen him in two sexy captain suits and some serious guy liner. But when will we see Hooky go shirtless on Once Upon a Time? I demand this!