I grew up on reruns of The Golden Girls, AbFab, Keeping Up Appearances, The Jeffersons, Mama's Family, The Carol Burnett Show, Laverne & Shirley, I Love Lucy, and Designing Women. I've been addicted to television ever since.

My newer televisual obsessions include: Cougar Town, The Good Wife, Veep, Archer, Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, Mindy Project, Girls, Justified, Miranda, 30 Rock, True Blood, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, AHS, The Office, Supernatural and of course The Real Housewives.

I love female comics, including: Joan Rivers, Bette Midler, Tina Fey, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, etc.

My dream: creating my own series.
Or publishing a book.

I'm fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish. Graduated from Cal, current UCLA student.


Before I recap “Wedding Crushers,” I must say, this season the cast of The Mindy Project have been hitting their chemistry stride. Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ed Weeks, Xosha Roquemore and Adam Pally—who just joined—have been performing at the top of their game, playing off each other’s characters. It truly is a shame that it will go on hiatus at the end of January.

This week Mindy returned to what she does best: ruin weddings. And this time she did it with help from Mr. Wedding (Pally), aka Dr. Prentice. Also, the cold opening in which she gets glitter bombed by the annoying wedding invitation she receives, was priceless.

Mindy is invited to her “lying, drug-addict, two-timing ex-boyfriend’s" wedding, but she’s dateless. Originally Dr. Castellano was suppose to go but he says she should go alone. So instead of looking pathetic or faking her own death, Mindy looks through potential dates. Dr. Reed eats too much. Morgan is sick. Then she spots a handsome fellow, Max Minghella's Richie, Dr. Castellano's brother. “He’s got the Castellano curse: he’s got a perfect face," praised Danny. Oh, and he’s gay, because as Tamra points out, "what straight guy says fun braid.” Danny knows it. Mindy, however, thinks he’s in town to come out to his brother, so he’s out of consideration as her date. (Pun intended)

Back to her wedding date hunt, Mindy even tries to get an escort. Instead she ends up taking Peter, who cleaned up nicely! He also knows how to party and ruin a good wedding by sexing up the bride in the bathroom on the diaper change station. In an effort to save the wedding, Mindy takes the stage to give a speech about being obsessed with the groom, her ex. Then Peter chimes in to support her.

Now it turns out Richie’s secret was that, unlike Danny, he has a relationship with their deadbeat father. Danny gets upset because their dad walked out on them, leaving Richie without a dad. But Richie reminds Danny he did have a one: him. “You raised me, Danny. You taught me how to shave. You taught me how to shave my legs when I did Cabaret,” said Richie.

As cooky and train-wreck-y as these characters can be, warm exchanges like the one between the Castellano boys is why The Mindy Project is one of the best written series on TV. For instance in a mediocre sitcom, Richie being gay would have been the secret he kept from Danny; Peter going to the wedding with Mindy would have turned him into a potential love interest. Instead, it turned into a secret about family drama, and two friends bonding over destroying a wedding, respectively. Now that I think of it, I hope FOX reconsiders placing this show on hiatus. It may not be the strongest ratings holder, but it’s their strongest comedy.

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